• I just updated my photo challenge roundup post with all of the photos I’m aware of as of right now. Let me know if I missed anyone so far. Some really nice photos!

  • Micro.blog photo challenge day one: “Squares”.

  • Today is day one of our informal Micro.blog photo challenge. Since Micro.blog doesn’t yet have a method of aggregating posts with a common theme (e.g., hashtags), I’m just going to manually create a collection here that I’ll update throughout the day with any submissions I see.

    So far, we have:

    I tried to follow people who said they were participating, but if you post a photo and don’t see yourself linked within a couple hours, feel free to shoot me an @-reply. I’ll add you.

  • Whoa. No Horford. Lost Kyrie in the 1st. No shots falling. No calls from the refs. Nonetheless, the Celtics winning streak extends to 11. 🏀

  • Here are a few of my favorite observations from Micro.blog this week:

    Preparing Micro.blog for the Masses

    It’s kind of amazing that every time I write one of these posts, there is a significant new Micro.blog feature to mention. This week, we saw the introduction of a Wordpress to Micro.blog migration tool. This seemed to fit into a broader theme of preparing Micro.blog for general launch.

    On episode 78 of Timetable, @manton spoke about some of the steps he’s taking to refine the new user on-boarding experience, as well as his efforts to assess the scalability of the Micro.blog architecture. This was great to hear, since I’m sure it’s easy to get caught up in today’s bug fixes and feature requests and lose sight of the necessary ingredients for long-term success of the platform.

    Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

    I really love seeing people share interests and activities that they are passionate about, particularly when they are things that I don’t have much first-hand experience with.

    I’ve noticed two users, @mikeoldham and @md, who regularly post photos of their vehicle off-roading adventures. Both feeds feature some great scenery, and it’s fun to see that “minor inconveniences” like goats, water, and roads of questionable structural integrity never slow them down.

    Sharing New Projects

    The early Micro.blog user base naturally skews towards early adopters, so it has the potential to be a great place to launch new projects. I saw a couple of cool new projects launched by active Micro.blog users this week.

    @ben and @scientifics launched a new site called Everyday Wear with reviews and advice on finding clothing that looks good, feels good, and performs well.

    @eddiehinkle released a beta of Indigenous, an micropub app for iOS that allows users to like, repost, or bookmark URLs.

    Neither of these projects are exclusive to Micro.blog, but it was fun to see fellow Micro.blog users rally around them.

  • OK, software update applied, so hopefully this maddening iOS bug is fixed. I guess I need to get over myself, because apparently every sentence I write contains an “I”. 🤯

  • Yesterday, I floated the idea of doing an informal photo challenge on Micro.blog. I’ve been in a bit of photography rut, and it also seemed like fun way to interact with some new people on Micro.blog.

    A number of people expressed interest in joining in, and @manton even upped the ante by agreeing to set up a new “7-Day Photo Micro.blog” pin. So let’s do this!

    I thought we could start on Saturday (Nov. 11) and go for seven days.

    I took @cm’s good suggestion and tried to keep the prompts fairly abstract to allow for maximum creativity versus forcing people down too narrow of a path.

    • Day 1 (Sat): “Squares”
    • Day 2 (Sun): “Tasty”
    • Day 3 (Mon): “On the Move”
    • Day 4 (Tue): “Up Close”
    • Day 5 (Wed): “Liquid”
    • Day 6 (Thu): “Seasonal”
    • Day 7 (Fri): “Shadow”

    Hopefully, I did OK. I tried to incorporate suggestions I received.

    I’m looking forward to getting started and seeing what others come up with!

  • The Lakers dug their way out an early hole, but the Celtics held on to extend the winning streak to 10. 🏀

  • I’m trying to give myself a kick to get out and take some photos. I’m curious whether any other Micro.blog users would be interested in doing some type of photo challenge. It could be something simple like a week with a different prompt each day. I’m open to other ideas though.

  • It seems like there is a little bit of light in the darkness of politics today.

  • Reading about how Micro.blog’s new Wordpress migration tool works got me wondering whether it would work for Squarespace as well. Squarespace has a nice feature that allows you to export your site into a Wordpress-compatible XML file. You can find it under Settings > Advanced > Import/Export.

    I was a bit hesitant to just let it rip and see what happens, but Manton was kind enough to take a quick look at a sample file and confirm that it’s the same format that the Micro.blog migration tool expects to see. So, I gave it a try and was pleased to find that it worked quite well. I have a small number of manual cleanup tasks to complete, but they are mostly issues of my own creation and likely no worse than they would have been coming from a native Wordpress install.

    I still need to work out a game plan for domain names, DNS, and URL redirects before I pull the plug on my Squarespace site, but I’m excited that the heavy lifting is now done.

  • The Hawks kept it too close for comfort, but Kyrie went into “Calm down, I got this” mode. The Celtics’ winning streak extends to 9 games. 🏀

  • That’s eight in a row for the Celtics. Sorry, I’m going to post every time until this streak ends. 🏀

  • Gutsy comeback by the Celtics, chipping away at an 18-point halftime deficit to a tough OKC team to make it seven straight. Best record in the NBA. 🏀

  • The world’s first animoji music video. 🤣

  • Ooh, Things for iPad got some keyboard shortcuts today. Still missing an important one for me (Move Item), but it’s a start.

  • Here are a few of my favorite observations from Micro.blog this week:

    iOS Sharing Extension

    We got another big Micro.blog app enhancement this week with the addition of an iOS sharing extension. The initial implementation makes it very easy to flip URLs or photos from other iOS apps right into a new Micro.blog post with a couple of taps.

    Like Micro.blog’s iPad drag and drop functionality, the sharing extension allows photos with any aspect ratio to be posted through the iOS app. This preserves the simplicity of square photos with filters in the main app interface while providing a “power user” option to post non-square photos from both the iPhone and iPad.

    Halloween Highlights

    The introduction of a new pin brought out the fun and creativity on Halloween. Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolfman Jack and sick (but cute) llama were a couple of my favorite photo contributions. A haiku movement also started to spin up.

    Random Delights

    Here are a couple of unrelated items from my favorites list that brought a smile this week:

    • This week’s eBay rabbit hole is typewriters, courtesy of @kulturnation.
    • I’m not sure if it’s the sharing extension, coincidence, or my imagination, but it seems like people are stepping up their photo game. A couple of favorites came from @schuth and @kirbyt.
  • The New York Times has an interesting roundup of iconic New York locations that could have turned out very differently. The proposal to let Frank Lloyd Wright go nuts on Ellis Island was definitely new to me.

  • First Geno Time of the season, courtesy of the Sacramento Kings. 🏀

  • Blue-haired ninja and Pikachu are ready for some Halloween fun.

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